Finding your Dream Job Teaching Secondary English

blackandwhite.jpgYou have made it to the job market, and that already says a great deal about you. As you go through the whole job seeking process remember that you are not simply "qualified," "capable," or "able to do the job" but, instead, you are "the best they could possibly hire," "a professional expert and leader," "truly outstanding," "a teacher with a personal and professional vision." Never be shy about what you believe in, about how good you are, or about the quality of your preparation. Put your values and professional knowledge out where people can see them. This is the approach most likely to get you a job and to make you the kind of new teacher-leader schools are looking for.

Think how hard you have worked and how hard you will work in your new job and you can begin to recognize how lucky the building / district / community will be that gets to hire you!

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